FDIC Courage And Valor 5K Results

Recent results from FDIC Courage And Valor 5K for elite runners are published below. FDIC Courage And Valor 5K takes place along the beautiful Indianapolis Canal and in White River State Park, Indianapolis, USA. The 5K Run/Walk has both competitive and non-competitive categories.

FDIC Courage And Valor 5K 2014 Results

Apr 10, 2014. Nick Purdy was the winner of the men’s race with 16:57.5. The women’s race was won by Erin Arney in a time of 20:44.2.


  1. Nick Purdy 16:57.5
  2. Jim Coulson 17:41.3
  3. Mark Baranko 18:33.3

  1. Erin Arney 20:44.2
  2. Courtney Fulton 21:11.4
  3. Morgan Watkins 21:14.9

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FDIC Courage And Valor 5K 2013 Results

The 5K was won by Corey Alfredson in a time of 17:08.0 in the men’s section. Elizabeth Blackburn clocked 19:54.9 to win the women’s title.


  1. Corey Alfredson 17:08.0
  2. Brian Walsh 17:15.1
  3. Doug Curry 18:07.1

  1. Elizabeth Blackburn 19:54.9
  2. Erin Arney 20:21.6
  3. Linda Hamer 21:28.5

FDIC Courage And Valor 5K 2012 Results

The men’s title was won by Brian Walsh in a time of 17:58.9 and Karen Bower won the women’s title in a time of 19:57.7.


  1. Brian Walsh 17:58.9
  2. Dan Smith 18:12.8
  3. Mark Wuellner 18:24.1

  1. Karen Bower 19:57.7
  2. Courtney Fulton 21:18.0
  3. Monica Hodge 22:51.1

Results for all participants are available on the official FDIC Courage And Valor 5K results page (search by year).

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