Dubai Marathon Results

Dubai Marathon Results

Recent results from Dubai Marathon for elite runners are published below. Dubai Marathon (official name Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon) is an annual running race held in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The race is held in January each year, the first being run on 14 January 2000.

Dubai Marathon 2013 Results

Jan 25, 2013. African dominance was on full display here, and the lure of a $200,000 payday for the winner helped drive very fast times.  For the first time ever, five men broke 2:05 in a marathon, led by debutant Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia.  In a five-way sprint, he was fastest to the tape, clocking 2:04:45 to win by three seconds.  Tirfi Tsegaye won the women’s contest (which used male pacers) in 2:23:23.


  1. Lelisa Desisa, ETH 2:04:45
  2. Berhanu Shiferaw ETH 2:04:48
  3. Tadese Tola, ETH 2:04:49
  4. Endeshaw Negesse Shumi, ETH 2:04:52
  5. Bernard Koech, KEN 2:04:53

  1. Tirfi Tsegaye Beyene, ETH 2:23:23
  2. Ehitu Kiros Reda, ETH 2:23:39
  3. Amane Gobena, ETH 2:23:50
  4. Aheza Kiros, ETH 2:24:30
  5. Belaynesh Oljira, ETH 2:25:01

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Dubai Marathon 2012 Results

Jan 27, 2012. Ayele Abshero of Ethiopia ran the fastest winning marathon debut in history when he took the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon title in an unofficial record time of 2.04.23. Check this report for latest results update.


  1. Biza, Ayele Abshero 02:04:23
  2. Kemal, Dino Sefir Kemal 02:04:50
  3. Guteta, Markos Geneti 02:04:54
  4. Maiyo, Jonathan Kiplimo 02:04:56
  5. Woldegeberal, Tadesa Tola 02:05:10

  1. Medessa, Aselefech Mergia 02:19:31
  2. Kabuu, Lucy Wangui 02:19:34
  3. Hurssa, Mare Dibaba 02:19:52
  4. Sertsu, Bezunesh Bekele 02:20:30
  5. Shewaye, Aberu Kebede 02:20:33

Dubai Marathon 2011 Results

A relative unknown in running circles, Kenyan David BARMASAI won the Dubai Marathon in 2:07:18, with the women’s title going to Aselefech Mergia. This was only Barmasai’s third marathon.


  1. David BARMASAI, KEN, 2:07:18
  2. Evans CHERUYIOT, KEN 2:08:17
  3. Eshetu WENDIMU, ETH 2:08:54
  4. Deressa CHIMSA, ETH 2:09:08
  5. Stephen KOSGEI, KEN 2:09:27

  1. Aselefech MERGIA, ETH 2:22:45
  2. Lydia CHEROMEI, KEN 2:23:01
  3. Isabella ANDERSSON, SWE, 2:23:41
  4. Atsede HABTAMU, ETH 2:24:26
  5. Atsede BAYISA, ETH 2:25:08

Results for all participants are available on the official Dubai Marathon results page (search by year).

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