Detroit Turkey Trot 5K Results

Recent results from the Detroit Turkey Trot 5K are published below. Detroit Turkey Trot 5K is a 5K race which takes place annually in Detroit, Michigan, USA. The race is held on Thanksgiving morning before the Parade on a USATF certified course. The route starts and finishes at Cobo Center on Washington Boulevard in downtown Detroit.

Detroit Turkey Trot 5K 2013 Results

Nov 28, 2013. Robert Fisher finished the course in 17:43 to win the men’s title and Erin Finn was the topper in the women’s division with 17:56.


  1. Robert Fisher 17:43
  2. Erik Potere 17:45
  3. Bennett Prudhomme 17:50
  4. Timmy Martin 17:52
  5. Dustin Emerick 17:54

  1. Erin Finn 17:56
  2. Corey Conner 19:20
  3. Shauna McNiff 19:20
  4. Ashley Babinchak 20:45
  5. Laura F Bill 20:51

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Detroit Turkey Trot 5K 2012 Results

Nov 22, 2012. Jeff Wilson finished the course in 16:07 to win the men’s title and Sarah Boyle was the topper in the women’s division with 17:03.


  1. Jeff Wilson 16:07
  2. Kevin Cataldo 16:08
  3. Bennett Prudhomme 16:40
  4. Ben Hammer Huszti 16:46
  5. Jamieson Cihak 17:07

  1. Sarah Boyle 17:03
  2. Shannon Osika 17:04
  3. Denisa Costescu 17:59
  4. Alyssa Osika 18:56
  5. Allison Shannon 19:06

Detroit Turkey Trot 5K 2011 Results

Nov 24, 2011. Ian Boyle won the race in the men’s division and finished the race in 15:29 time. In the women’s division Denisa Costescu, the winner of 2009, was able to secure her position and finish the race in 17:59 time.


  1. Ian Boyle 15:29
  2. Aaron Bachman 15:32
  3. Kevin Cataldo 15:46
  4. Jerome Recker 15:49
  5. Sj Albaugh 15:52

  1. Shannon Osika 17:00
  2. Sarah Boyle 17:04
  3. Tammy Nowik 19:09
  4. Nicole Kowalchick 19:27
  5. Megan Heidt 19:32

Results for all participants are available on the official Detroit Turkey Trot results page (search by year).

One thought on “Detroit Turkey Trot 5K Results

Amber miller

I was so excited about the promised finishers medal. It was so upsetting to finish the race and find they had run out. I felt robbed. I was promised a metal and I want it. I ran the 10 k, and it’s horrible that so many people were let down. You Ned to send metals to everyone you shorted.

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