Corrida De São Sebastiao Results

Recent results from the Corrida De São Sebastiao are published below. The Corrida De São Sebastiao is the most traditional sporting event in the city of Rio De Janeiro. It is a part of the official events calendar of the City as Decree Law No. 4760, and is held to commemorate the day of the patron saint. The events includes a 10Km race and a 5Km race.

Corrida De São Sebastiao 2014 Results

Jan 20, 2014. Damiao Ancelmo DE SOUZA clocked 29:27 to win the men’s race. In women race Maurine Jelegat KIPCHUMBA won in 34:20 time.


  1. Damiao Ancelmo DE SOUZA BRA 29:27
  2. Gilmar Silvestre LOPES BRA 29:30
  3. Valdir Sergio DE OLIVEIRA BRA 29:58
  4. Fikadu Seboka DINBUSHE ETH 30:00
  5. Daniel Chaves DA SILVA BRA 30:09

  1. Maurine Jelegat KIPCHUMBA KEN 34:20
  2. Delvine Relin MARINGOR KEN 34:32
  3. Sara RAMADHANI TAN 35:03
  4. Marily DOS SANTOS BRA 35:35
  5. Fabiana Cristine DA SILVA BRA 36:28

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Corrida De São Sebastiao 2013 Results

Jan 20, 2013. Kenyan wins at the Corrida Sao Sebastiao here at the 10 km. Maurine Jelagat clocked 34:17 ahead of Elizabeth Rumokol 34:29. In men race Joseph Kachapin 29:41 with home Gilmar Silvestre Lopes second in 30:01.


  1. Joseph APERUMOI KEN 29:41
  2. Gilmar Silvestre LOPES BRA 30:01
  3. Abubaka Hussein HAMISI MAR 30:17
  4. Luis Da Silva ANTUNES BRA 30:20
  5. Valerio De Souza FABIANO BRA 30:23

  1. Maurine Jelegat KIPCHUMBA KEN 34:17
  2. Rumokol Elizabeth CHAPKANAN KEN 34:29
  3. Jackline Juma SAKILU TAN 35:01
  4. Muriel Coneo PAREDES BRA 36:06
  5. Rosangela Pereira FARIA BRA 36:35

Corrida De São Sebastiao 2012 Results

Jan 20, 2012. Joseph Kachapin APERUMOI won the men’s race in 29:08 time, while in the women’s  race Rumokol Elizabeth CHEPKANAN won the race in 34:02 time. Both the winners are from Kenya.


  1. Joseph Kachapin APERUMOI KEN 29:08
  2. Gilmar Silvestre LOPES BRA 29:39
  3. Cosme Ancelmo DE SOUZA BRA 29:50
  4. Robson Pereira DE LIMA BRA 29:58
  5. Giovani DOS SANTOS BRA 30:08

  1. Rumokol Elizabeth CHEPKANAN KEN 34:02
  2. Jackeline JUMA TAN 34:41
  3. Nelly JEPKURUI KEN 35:17
  4. Maria Severina RODRIGUES BRA 36:27
  5. Vianca Nataly Pereira ZEBALLOS BRA 37:12

Results for all participants are available on the official Corrida De São Sebastiao results page.

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