Colombo Marathon Results

July 23, 2011


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Recent results from Colombo Marathon for elite runners are published below. Colombo Marathon is held in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, which is known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. This marathon was first held in the historic city of Galle, by the name LSR International Marathon. Later it was renamed as Colombo Marathon.

Colombo Marathon 2013 Results

Oct 6, 2013. Kenyan athlete Antony Mugo NDUNGU took home the top honour in the men’s race. He clocked 2:21:01 and Fridah Too JEPKITE also from Kenya clocked 2:48:11 to become the winner in the women’s section.


  1. Antony Mugo NDUNGU KEN 2:21:01
  2. Elijah Yator KIPKEMOI KEN 2:27:19
  3. David CHEPKWONY KEN 2:30:01
  4. A.M. Ajith BANDARA SRL 2:31:05
  5. W.A.S. CHANDRAPALA SRL 2:37:05

  1. Fridah Too JEPKITE KEN 2:48:11
  2. Everline ATANCHA KEN 2:52:13
  4. V. KRISHANTHANI SRL 2:59:41
  5. Tisge Tadesse MENGISTU ETH 3:03:25

Photos / Videos

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Colombo Marathon 2012 Results

Oct 7, 2012. Kenyan athlete Geoffrey BIRGEN took home the top honour in the men’s race again. Geoffrey Birgen clocked 2:26:40 and Ruchina DEEPANI clocked 2:55:47 to become the winner in the women’s section.


  1. Geoffrey BIRGEN KEN 2:26:40
  2. 2 Ajith BANDARA SRI 2:28:00
  3. 3 John Samoei KIPROP KEN 2:36:45

  1. Ruchina DEEPANI SRI 2:55:47
  2. 2 B V THISANTHANI SRI 3:04:52
  3. 3 Harshamali GULARATNE SRI 3:11:15

Colombo Marathon 2011 Results

Kenyan athletes took home the top honour in the men’s race. Geoffrey Birgen was the topper in the men’s section with 2:28:08 time and M.A.R. Deepani clocked 2:57:28 to become the winner in the women’s section.


  1. Geoffrey Birgen – Kenya 02:28:08
  2. Kimutai Kenedy Cheruiyot – Kenya 02:28:16
  3. Ezekiel Kibet Kogo – Kenya 02:31:12

  1. M.A.R. Deepani – Sri Lanka 02:57:28
  2. B.G.L. Bogahawatta – Sri Lanka 03:09:50
  3. P.D. Nilani Priyadharshani – Sri Lanka 03:11:35

Results for all participants are available on the official Colombo Marathon results page (search by year).

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