Gatorade Caracas Rock 10K

Gatorade Caracas Rock 10K

Gatorade Caracas Rock 10K takes place in Caracas, the capital and largest city of Venezuela. Music, adrenaline, excitement and fun define the Gatorade Caracas Rock. This event is your challenge, make it part of you. The event is organized by Hipereventos. The course is certified by AIMS.

Race Date
Oct 5, 2014
Race Location
Caracas, Venezuela
Event Type
Start Times

Men: 7:00 am
Women: 7:00 am

No. Runners
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Race Registration

The entry fees is Bs. 220,00 if registered earlier. To participate in Gatorade Caracas Rock 10K you can register in the official website.

Course / Route Map

The run starts from Freeway Prados del Este, 680 meters from Hotel Paseo Las Mercedes, next to the golf courses of Valle Arriba. The course leads the runners through Prados del Este highway, road to the Trinity, at the height of the dealer in Santa Fe, Bus stop Baruta, the Magnum City Club, Baruta Mines, Distributor Alto Prado,Tennis court Brothers Coronado, Equestrian Club, Freeway Prados del Este via the Mercedes, cc. Los Campitos, Freeway Prados del Este via the Mercedes, bldg. Ladrillos rojos, a la altura del letrero de las minas de Baruta, Enrique Eraso, Las Mercedes, green wall and fence diagonal Green World.

Then the participants run through Guairita Av, CC Troli, at the height of the sign Creations Andrew, Av Rio de Janeiro via the Mercedes, diagonal to the Garden Veracruz, right in the striped pedestrian, before crossing the street, under the lights, Rio Ave Las Mercedes, passing the Police module, just before crossing the street Monterey (Farmatodo), Av Principal de las Mercedes, across the street Mucuchies, compared with CC and the Mansion and Miga’s.

Race Profile / Elevation Map

Not available.

Race Tags

Not available.

Time Limits & Cutoffs

The maximum time limit is 2 hrs. Roads will be closed till 9:00 am.

Course Records

Not Available.

Prize Money & Awards

1st place – Bs 12,000
2nd place – Bs 7800
3rd place – Bs 4800

T-Shirts, Medals, Certificates

All participants will receive a Medal of participation.

Water Stops & Refreshments

Water stops will be at interval of 2 kilometer. In all ther will be 6 Water stops and 2 Gatorade stations.

Expected Race Day Weather

Average temperature is around 22 °C.

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