Bupa Great Winter Run Results

November 29, 2011


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Recent results from the Bupa Great Winter Run are published below. The Bupa Great Winter Run in Edinburgh is a challenging 5k road race set in the stunning surroundings of Holyrood Park. The event motivates thousands of runners every year to make their New Year’s resolution early and keep training throughout the winter months. Young runners can also get involved by taking part in the Bupa Junior Great Winter Run, a 2.5km multi-terrain run.

Bupa Great Winter Run 2012 Results

Jan 7, 2012. Results Awaited.

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Bupa Great Winter Run 2011 Results

The winner of the Bupa Great Winter Run was Ben Buckingham all the way from Victoria, Australia in a time of 16 minutes and 33 seconds. The first woman across the line in the Bupa Great winter Run was Jennifer Emsley of Central Athletics Club, Stirling with a time of 19 minutes and 43 seconds.


  1. BEN BUCKINGHAM 00:16:29
  2. MICKEY BREEN 00:17:15
  3. MICHAEL WRIGHT 00:17:20
  5. JEFF FARQUHAR 00:17:54

  1. JENNIFER EMSLEY 00:19:43
  2. FIONA RUDKIN 00:21:07
  3. HELEN THOMSON 00:21:11
  4. AMANDA WOODROW 00:21:48
  5. KITTY WALSH 00:21:52

Bupa Great Winter Run 2010 Results

First home was Neil Renault in a time of 12minutes and 41 seconds, while the first woman across the line was Helen Thomson in 16 minutes and 41 seconds.


  1. NEIL RENAULT 00:12:41
  2. PAT BYRNE 00:12:53
  4. ALEX FLYNN 00:13:37
  5. ADAM PRIESTLEY 00:13:48

  1. HELEN THOMSON 00:16:41
  2. DENISE MUIR 00:17:21
  3. MARGIE LEITCH 00:17:23
  4. EMMA JONES 00:17:28
  5. KITTY WALSH 00:17:37

Results for all participants are available on the official Bupa Great Winter Run results page (search by year).

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