Bupa Great South Run Results

October 24, 2010


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Recent results from the Bupa Great South Run for elite runners are published below. Bupa Great South Run is the world’s premier 10 mile running event and has a IAAF Gold Label status. The 10 mile event televised live on Channel 5 with highlights on ITV 4. In all, about 23,000 runners take part in the run. Known for a fast, flat course through Southsea, Portsmouth, the Bupa Great South Run is Europe’s leading 10 mile road race.

Bupa Great South Run 2013 Results

Oct 26, 2013. Results Awaited.

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Bupa Great South Run 2012 Results

Oct 28, 2012. Stephen Mokoka won the elite men’s Great South Run. Jo Pavey won the elite women’s race. Jo clocked a time of 53:00 and Stephen clocked 46:40.


  1. Stephen Mokoka 00:46:40
  2. Ayad Lamdassem 00:46:44
  3. Tariku Bekele 00:46:45
  4. Daniele Meucci 00:46:50
  5. Andrew Lemoncello 00:47:08

  1. Jo Pavey 00:53:00
  2. Jess Coulson 00:53:43
  3. Berhane Adere 00:53:55
  4. Nadia Ejjafini 00:53:55
  5. Gemma steel 00:53:57

Bupa Great South Run 2011 Results

Oct 30, 2011. Leonard Komon has won the elite men’s Great South Run this morning. But his bid for Haile Gebrselassie’s 10-mile world record failed. Aselefech Mergia won the elite women’s race. The Ethiopian clocked an unofficial time of 52.55 around the streets of Portsmouth and Southsea to take the title.


  1. LEONARD KOMON 00:46:18
  2. ABEL KIRUI 00:46:40
  3. ALISTAIR CRAGG 00:47:14
  4. CHRIS THOMPSON 00:48:07
  5. ANDY LEMONCELLO 00:48:17

  1. ASELEFECH MERGIA 00:52:55
  2. DORIS CHANGEYWO 00:53:34
  3. IRENE JEROTICH 00:53:43
  4. CHARLOTTE PURDUE 00:53:45
  5. MARISA BARROS 00:54:14

Results for all participants are available on the official Bupa Great South Run results page (search by year).

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