Bucharest International Marathon Results


Recent results from Bucharest International Marathon for elite runners are published below. The Bucharest International Marathon is an annual marathon and sport event hosted by the city of Bucharest, Romania. Asociatia Bucharest Running Club, in cooperation with the Romanian Athletic Federation organizes the event.

Bucharest International Marathon 2014 Results

Oct 5, 2014. Kipyego Boaz Kipkorir took home the top honors in the men’s marathon with a time of 2:13:37. The women’s race was won by Todoran Paula Claudia in 2:41:24.


  1. Kipyego Boaz Kipkorir 2:13:37
  2. Matui Amos Tirop 2:14:41
  3. Kirui Stanley Kipkoech 2:20:45
  4. Chepkwony Richard Kemboi 2:21:12
  5. Chelokoi Victor Bushendich 2:27:52

  1. Todoran Paula Claudia 2:41:24
  2. Kipruto Caroline Jemeli 2:47:23
  3. Baltoi Adela Paulina 2:55:11
  4. Petrescu Nicoleta Alina 2:55:44
  5. Petrea Ana Maria 3:00:31

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Bucharest International Marathon 2013 Results

Oct 6, 2013. Kenya’s Victor Bushendich CHELOKOI won the race in a time of 2 hours 14 minutes and 5 seconds. The women race was won by Ethopian runner Tigist Worku NERI  with 2:37:28.


  1. Victor Bushendich CHELOKOI KEN 2:14:05
  2. Wosene Demeke MENGESHA ETH 2:14:21
  3. Kenneth Kipkemoi KIPTOO KEN 2:19:27
  4. Yuriy TARASOV RUS 2:21:58
  5. Stefan Daniel LUPULESCU ROU 2:25:25

  1. Tigist Worku NERI ETH 2:37:28
  2. Megertu Ifa GELETU ETH 2:39:53
  3. Shewaye WOLDEMESKEL ETH 2:42:06
  4. Caroline JEPKOECH KEN 2:44:07
  5. Liliana Maria DANCI ROU 2:48:54

Bucharest International Marathon 2012 Results

Oct 7, 2012. Kenya’s Felix Kipkorir KANGOGO won the race in a time of 2 hours 15 minutes and 19 seconds. The women race was won by Ethopian runner Almaz Negede FEKADE with 2:38:09.


  1. Felix Kipkorir KANGOGO KEN 2:15:19
  2. Amos Kipruto CHOGE KEN 2:18:49
  3. Dibaba Medarsa ARARSO ETH 2:19:27
  4. Siyoum Debele LEMMA ETH 2:20:29
  5. Bethuel Kipyego CHERUIYOT KEN 2:24:53

  1. Almaz Negede FEKADE ETH 2:38:09
  2. Mary PTIKANY KEN 2:40:00
  3. Paula Claudia TODORAN ROM 2:48:20
  4. Nicoleta Alina PETRESCU ROM 2:49:06
  5. Tatiana BELKINA RUS 2:52:02

Results for all participants are available on the official Bucharest International Marathon results page (search by year).

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Paradis Brigitte

Bonjour !!!

Lors de mon passage en vacance en Roumanie, j’ai participé au 3.5 km de Bucarest le 9 octobre 2011. J’aimerais recevoir mon résultats..j.ens serais fort contente.
merci beaucoup Brigitte Paradis Canada. Mon dossard 3106.

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