Brighton Marathon Results

Brighton Marathon Results

Recent results from Brighton Marathon for elite runners are published below. Brighton Marathon is held in the city of Brighton & Hove, UK, since 2010. There are nearly 300 charities involved in the Brighton Marathon. The participants can run for charity and raise money for a worthy cause.

Brighton Marathon 2013 Results

Apr 14, 2013. Results Awaited.

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Brighton Marathon 2012 Results

Apr 15, 2012. There were new course records to celebrate at the third Brighton Marathon, an IAAF Bronze Label race, as Kenya’s Peter Some lopped over four minutes off the old benchmark with 2:12:03. Meanwhile Belarus’s Sviatlana Kouhan slashed five minutes off the previous women’s best with 2:29:57.


  1. Peter Some 2:12:03
  2. Dominic Pius Ondoro 02:12:11
  3. John Kelai, 02:12:43

  1. Sviatlana Kouhan 2:29:57
  2. Irene Chepkirui 2:33:55
  3. Holly Rush 2:41:22

Brighton Marathon 2011 Results

On the men’s side Kenya’s Philemon Kiprop Boit smashed the record by almost three minutes, breaking the tape in 2:16:07. Liz McColgan-coached Dixon demolished the inaugural time by a full 30mins and into the bargain set a qualifying time of 2:34:51 for the World championships in Daegu.


  1. Philemon Kiprop-Boit 02:16:07
  2. Richard Bett Rotich 02:16:31
  3. Anbessy Tolossa 02:16:53
  4. Dan Robinson 02:19:11
  5. Michael Aspinall 02:23:41

  1. Alyson Dixon 02:34:50
  2. Lucy MacAlister 02:40:34
  3. Julie Briscoe 02:41:08
  4. Jenny Blizard 02:46:01
  5. Joanna Bryce 02:59:36

Results for all participants are available on the official Brighton Marathon results page (search by year).

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Christine Schulkes

I was assisting when a young man collapsed near the 14 mile point, his name was James M. Could you tell me if he is OK and if possible sends him my best wishesand hope he feels better soon. Many thanks Chris Schulkes.

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