BMW Berlin Marathon Results

Recent results from the BMW Berlin Marathon for elite runners are published below. Berlin Marathon is one of the largest and most popular road races in the world, with more than 40,000 starters and 35,000 finishers in recent years. The marathon takes place traditionally in the last weekend of September. Having a fast and flat surface, the Berlin Marathon has recorded the most world record runs for mens and womens marathons.

Berlin Marathon 2014 Results

Sep 28, 2014. Kenya’s Kimetto, Dennis won 2014 Berlin marathon in a time of 2:02:57. Tsegaye, Tirfi won the women’s race in a time of 02:20:18.


  1. Kimetto, Dennis (KEN) 02:02:57
  2. Mutai, Emmanuel (KEN) 02:03:13
  3. Kuma, Abera (ETH) 02:05:56
  4. Kamworor, Geoffrey (KEN) 02:06:39
  5. Kiptanui, Eliud (KEN) 02:07:28

  1. Tsegaye, Tirfi (ETH) 02:20:18
  2. Tadese, Feyse (ETH) 02:20:27
  3. Flanagan, Shalane (USA) 02:21:14
  4. Bekele, Tadelech (ETH) 02:23:02
  5. Afework, Abedech (ETH) 02:25:02

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Berlin Marathon 2013 Results

Sep 29, 2013. Kenya’s Kipsang, Wilson won 2013 Berlin marathon in a time of two hours three minutes and 23. Kiplagat, Florence won the women’s race in a time of 02:21:13.


  1. Kipsang, Wilson 02:03:23
  2. Kipchoge, Eliud 02:04:05
  3. Kipsang, Geoffrey 02:06:26
  4. Chemlany, Stephen Kwelio 02:07:44
  5. Kiptanui, Maswai 02:08:52

  1. Kiplagat, Florence 02:21:13
  2. Cherop, Sharon 02:22:28
  3. Mikitenko, 02:24:54
  4. Kiprop, Helah 02:28:02
  5. Davila, Desiree 02:29:15

Berlin Marathon 2012 Results

Sep 30, 2012. Kenya’s Geoffrey Mutai won Sunday’s Berlin marathon in a time of two hours four minutes and 15 seconds, missing out on his attempt to lower the world record of 2:03:38 set here by Patrick Makau last year. Ethiopia’s Aberu Abede won the women’s race in a time of 2:20:30 two years after her first success in Berlin.


  1. Mutai, Geoffrey (KEN) 02:04:15
  2. Kimetto, Dennis (KEN) 02:04:16
  3. Kipsang, Geoffrey (KEN) 02:06:12
  4. Kamakya, Nicholas (KEN) 02:08:28
  5. Keiyo, Josphat (KEN) 02:08:41

  1. Kebede, Aberu (ETH) 02:20:30
  2. Tsegaye, Tirfi (ETH) 02:21:19
  3. Shurhno, Olena (UKR) 02:23:32
  4. Chepchirchir, Flomena (KEN) 02:24:56
  5. Tola, Fate (ETH) 02:25:14

Results for all participants are available on the official BMW Berlin Marathon Results page (search by year).

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Vianey de la Rosa

I won the 6th place on the 2013 berlin marathon but I do jot know what is my prize and how can I claim it back. Can you help me? I live in mexico City.

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