Beijing Marathon Results

Beijing Marathon

Recent results from the Beijing Marathon for elite runners are published below. Beijing International Marathon is the largest and most popular marathon organized in China. Accredited with the IAAF Gold Label for Road Races in 2010, the Beijing Marathon has become one of the top marathons in the world.

Beijing Marathon 2013 Results

Oct 20, 2013. Tadese Tola broke the 33-year old course record and pulled the Kenyan pair Bernard Kipyego and Daniel Rono under the old mark, Taisuke Kodama’s 2:07:35 from 1986. The women’s race was considerably thinner, with only a handful of runners competing for the top places. Yingyomg won the women’s title with 2:31:19.


  1. Tadese TOLA ETH 2:07:16
  2. Bernard KIPYEGO KEN 2:07:19
  3. Daniel RONO KEN 2:07:20
  4. Abebe DEGEFA ETH 2:08:46
  5. Jamin NGAUKON KEN 2:11:11

  1. Yingyomg SUN CHN 2:31:19
  2. Makda HARUN ETH 2:33:04
  3. Yeshimebet TADESSE ETH 2:35:20
  4. Olga KIMAIYO KEN 2:36:57
  5. Teshome AYANU ETH 2:37:26

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Beijing Marathon 2012 Results

Nov 25, 2012. Tariku Jufar Robi won the men’s race at the Beijing Marathon  while Jia Chaofeng won the women’s race.


  1. Tariku Jufar Robi,2:9:39
  2. Eliud Kiptanui 2:10:15
  3. Solomon Molla Tiemuay 2:10:20
  4. Wosen Zeleke Demse 2:11:48
  5. Robert Kipkorir Kwambai 2:11:50

  1. Jia Chaofeng 2:27:40
  2. Sun Lamei 2:27:55
  3. Sun Weiwei 2:28:03
  4. He Yinli 2:28:31
  5. Sun Juan 2:28:39

Beijing Marathon 2011 Results

Oct 16, 2011. Kenyan runners dominated the men’s race at the Beijing Marathon 2011 in windy conditions on Sunday while Wei Xiaojie of China won the women’s race. Kenya’s Francis Kiprop Kipkorir, runner-up of the Berlin Marathon 2009, clocked two hours and nine minutes to finish first.


  1. Francis Kiprop Kipkorir KEN 2:09:00
  2. Mugo Samuel Muturi KEN 2:09:43
  3. Barus Benson Kipchumba KEN 2:10:15
  4. Worku Raji Assefa ETH 2:12:12
  5. Kamais Peter Lotagor KEN 2:12:58

  1. Wei Xiaojie CHN 2:28:05
  2. Tesemma Yeshi Esayias ETH 2:29:29
  3. Catherine Ndereba KEN 2:30:14
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Results for all participants are available on the official Beijing Marathon results page (search by year).

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