Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run 10K Results

Great Scottish Run Half Marathon Results

Recent results from the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run 10K are published below. The Great Scottish Run is an extremely popular road race, one of the Scotland’s largest mass participation sporting event. Great Scottish Run is a truly inspirational series of races that allow runners of all abilities to take to the streets of Glasgow, raise thousands of pounds for charity and push themselves to new personal bests.

Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run 10K 2012 Results

Sep 2, 2012. Luke Traynor was the first man at the finish with 31:41 and Elspeth Curran won the race in the women’s section with 35:09.


  1. Luke TRAYNOR GBR 31:41
  2. Michael DEASON GBR 31:56
  3. Robert GILROY GBR 32:02

  1. Elspeth CURRAN GBR 35:09
  2. Jennifer EMSLEY GBR 35:58
  3. Kirsty HUSBAND GBR 37:03

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Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run 10K 2011 Results

Sep 4, 2011. The 10k was won by Luke Traynor from Giffnock North AAC in a time of 00:31:41, with Michael Deason and Robert Gilroy taking second and third consecutively. The women’s race was won by Elspeth Curran from Kilbarchan Amateur Athletic Club in a time of 00:35:09 with nearly a two minute lead on second place finisher Jennifer Emsley.


  1. LukeTraynor 31:41
  2. MichaelDeason 31:56
  3. RobertGilroy 32:02
  4. StewartOrr 32:44
  5. RogerNaughto 33:53

  1. ElspethCurran 35:09
  2. JenniferEmsley 36:58
  3. KirstyHusband 37:03
  4. AlisonDocherty 37:30
  5. ClaireCouper 38:32

Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run 10K 2010 Results

Matthew Gillespie was the first man at the finish with 31:12 and Beth Potter clocked 34:39 to win the women’s title.


  1. Matthew Gillespie 31:12
  2. Robert Gilroy 32:32
  3. Jamie Reid 33:18
  4. Graham Leitch 33:27
  5. Michael Wright 33:46

  1. Beth Potter 34:39
  2. Emma Raven 36:18
  3. Fiona Thompson 36:18
  4. Danielle Brown 36:45
  5. Kirsty Husband 37:38

Results for all participants are available on the official Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run 10K results page.

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