Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon Results

August 23, 2011


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Recent results from Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon for elite runners are published below. Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon is more than a running event. It’s a musical running event with bands, entertainment, and expo and more. It is also the largest combined running event in the United States.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon 2014 Results

Jan 19, 2014. Kenya’s Solomon Kandie, the 35-year-old clocked a 2:21:00 for the 26.2-mile race. In the women’s marathon, Tucson resident Amy Cole ran a 10-minute personal best to win with a comfortable margin in 2:49:26.


  1. Solomon Kandie 02:21:00
  2. Thomas Rivers Puzey 02:22:10
  3. Roosevelt Cook 02:23:36
  4. Marcos Bailon 02:26:50
  5. Timothy Eisenga 02:28:46

  1. Amy Cole 02:49:24
  2. McKale Davis 02:58:56
  3. Sally Dagzano 03:00:00
  4. Steph Neufeld 03:04:22
  5. Kimberly Peterson 03:04:59

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon 2013 Results

Jan 20, 2013. In the men’s marathon, 23-year-old Ryan Neely from Berkeley, California took the lead for the first time at mile 23 to win his second marathon in unorthodox fashion, crossing the finish line in 2 hours, 31 minutes and 7 seconds. The women’s race was won by Christie Foster from Erie, Pennsylvania in 2:44:42, a 10-minute personal best for the former All-American at Mercyhurst College.


  1. Ryan Neely 02:31:06
  2. Roosevelt Cook 02:36:10
  3. Christopher Bain 02:36:50
  4. Jules Miller 02:37:29
  5. Aaron Sanchez 02:44:16

  1. Christie Foster 02:44:41
  2. Heather Lieberg 02:47:13
  3. Kimberly O’Donnell 02:47:28
  4. Caryn Heffernan 02:51:01
  5. Shannon Bixler 02:57:49

Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon 2012 Results

Jan 15, 2012. Peter Omae Ayieni won the 2012 P.F. Changs Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon on Sunday in Phoenix, Arizona with a time of 2:24:47. It was a close finish as Ayieni barely held off Chad Ware who finished 11 seconds behind him in 2:24:58. The female winner at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon went to Trisha Miller who won with a time of 2:49:12.


  1. Peter Omae Ayieni 02:24:47
  2. Chad Ware 02:24:58
  3. Jeremy Zarins 02:25:08
  4. Alan Jackson 02:26:02
  5. Kota Reichert 02:26:28

  1. Trisha Miller 02:49:12
  2. Tanaya Gallagher 02:51:24
  3. Tere Derbez Zacher 02:53:45
  4. Ashley Olsen 02:55:17
  5. Nikki Vander Wiele 02:56:21

Results for all participants are available on the official Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon results page (search by year).

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