ACC Championship Chase 5K Results

ACC Championship Chase 5K

Recent results from ACC Championship Chase 5K for elite runners are published below. The inaugural ACC Championship Chase 5K presented by Harris Teeter signifies the official kickoff of the Dr Pepper ACC Football Championship day festivities. The 5K race takes place in Charlotte, North Carolina.

ACC Championship Chase 5K 2012 Results

Dec 1, 2012. In the men’s section Bert Rodriquez was the winner with 15:43 and Carly Swanson won the women’s race clocking 20:07.


  1. Bert Rodriquez 15:43
  2. Brad Belfiore 16:58
  3. Luke Holman 17:08

  1. Carly Swanson 20:07
  2. Amanda Morris 20:45
  3. Katie Howard 21:17

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ACC Championship Chase 5K 2011 Results

Dec 3, 2011. Scott Woodbury was the winner in the men’s section with 16:55 and Keara Thomas was the winner in the women’s division with 19:42.


  1. Scott Woodbury 16:55
  2. Daniel Lennox 17:01
  3. Seth Huffstetler 17:11

  1. Keara Thomas 19:42
  2. Jackie Ross 20:00
  3. Georgia Davis 20:18

Results for all participants are available on the official ACC Championship Chase 5K results page.

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