Pacebands – Silicone Bands That Help You To Stay On Pace

Training yourself for a race? Striving for a personal best? Pacebands from are here to help you. Pacebands are patent-pending silicone bands that runners of all levels can wear on their wrists to make sure they stay on pace during their race. The multicolored bands include a target finish time for each distance (marathon, half […]

Common Running Foot Conditions – and how to avoid them!

If you run regularly, you will no doubt be familiar with the aches, pains and injuries that running can cause. Our feet are subject to a number of demands when we run, meaning that it is quite common for runners to experience pain or even injury in their feet. Pain in your feet can easily […]

3 Things I Learned After a Blood Clot

This is a guest post by Sara A. Wyen. Sara is a RRCA Certified Running Coach and blogger at  When I was first diagnosed with a blood clot (or thrombus) in my lower leg, I had no idea what “deep vein thrombosis” meant; then when I found out part of the clot broke off and traveled through my […]

Safety Tips For Running In The Sun

Running in the sun can bring along its own set of problems and challenges.  Marathon runners are at higher risk for melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Outrun the Sun offers its TOP TEN SUN SAFETY TIPS to help keep people safe in the sun: Protect your scalp by wearing a hat. Your hair doesn’t protect your […]

Post-Run Recovery With Myofascial Release

In this series of articles on running injuries, Dr Emily Splichal, DPM, MS, CES, and founder EBFA Fitness, shares her knowledge to empower runners with quick workouts, techniques, tips to prevent injury, and advanced recovery tips to get into the best running shape and stay in the best running shape ever! A couple weeks ago on what […]

Common Running Injuries – From Prevention To Cure

Summary: There are some areas of the body that are particularly vulnerable to injury for runners. Read on for a guide. Running injuries have a funny way of making you realize how important the little things are. The first time I got a bad ankle sprain I was on my way down from a hill run on […]

Runners Armor – Running Sunglasses For Added Protection

Runners everywhere are straining their eyes by denying themselves proper UV protection, mostly due to the feeling that sunglasses can be uncomfortable or awkward during a run. Runners with prescriptions often wear contact lenses and can experience even more discomfort from natural elements. Fortunately, new running sunglasses have advanced comfort designs that offer maximum protection […]

Running Your Way To Weight Loss

Avoid workouts, and still lose weight? Sometimes, putting in hours day after day in the gym, doing weights, doing time on the treadmill, may not be the most desirable way to start with your weight loss target. For one, there is a chance that you may simply get bored and demotivated in keeping up with […]

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