Strava CEO Runs in Solidarity with Immigrants

In this running news update, we take a look at some of the popular headlines sparking interest among runners.

World Champion Declares Nike’s 2 Hour Marathon Goal Impossible

In a recent statement to Reuters, Vivian Cheruiyot has indicated Nike’s goal to push a runner to beat the long standing 2 hour barrier is impossible regardless of technology enhancements or nicer shoes. The Olympic 5,000 and world 10,000 champion noted, “Running a marathon in under two hours is impossible. It doesn’t look real. They should have set the bar at slightly under (Dennis) Kimetto’s 2:02:57”.

World’s Longest Running Streak Ended Saturday

On Sunday, Ron Hill took his first rest day in 59 years and 32 days when he finally ended his consecutive days running streak. When it was all said and done, the English Olympian had run 19,032 consecutive days.

New Record Set in 7 Continent Marathon Challenge

Michael Wardian broke the world record in the 7 Continent Marathon Challenge recently when he averaged 2:45:56 per marathon. The famed ultramarathoner plans to run in New Zealand at the Tarawera 100K ultramarathon race in a few weeks. The field was filled with champion runners, including America’s fastest marathoner, Ryan Hall.

Strava CEO Runs in Solidarity

Amid the controversy surround United States President Donald Trump’s recent Executive Order banning immigration from 7 predominantly Muslim countries, the Strava CEO decided to take a run. This run wasn’t any ordinary run. The route run in Palo Alto, California spelled out Freedom4All.

Following the run, the co-founder and CEO shared the route with a description stating, “This one is for our immigrants … Remove the ban and think clearly about what truly makes this country great … Liberty and freedom.”  The 6.8 mile route goes a step further than just sending a blast email to employees or crafting a witty tweet on Twitter: it shows physical and productivity commitment to those affected by the recent executive order.

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