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As runners, we spend many hours each week to achieve our running goals. We count every calorie and macro to ensure our body is properly fueled. We meticulously plan each mile of our daily and weekly runs. And we tirelessly track each rep in the gym and on the treadmill to build strength to carry us across the finish line. InView Designs has crafted the perfect product to display the symbols of every runner’s dedication.

Every runner can relate to the joy and exhilaration that millions of runners display each year as they cross the finish line at their favorites 5k, half-marathon, or marathon event.

Despite the endless preparation and equally great emotions that accompany planning and execution of a race strategy, most of us runners have piles of race trophies and medals laying haphazardly around the house, in our gym bag, or beneath the rear seat of our car. Our friends at InView Designs have observed this problem and designed a beautiful line of products to properly display the symbols of our hard work.

Medal Display Case Overview

InView designs has designed a hand-crafted, hand-sanded, and hand-finished streamline medal display case. This display case is offered in 3 wood finishes and includes a durable plexiglass window to protect your prized medals.

The medal display case by InView Designs comes in four varieties:

  • “Did-It” Case: 12.5″ x 18.75″ suitable for 1 to 4 medals
  • “Liked-It” Case: 12.5″ x 24″ suitable for 1 to 8 medals
  • “Loved-It” Case:  19″ x 28″ suitable for 8 to 18 medals
  • “Addicted” Case: 27″ x 36.75″ suitable for 18 to 30 medals
  • “Obsession” Case: 35″ x 49.38″ suitable for up to 60 medals

The InView Designs Medal Display Case comes in four colors:

  • Black Lacquer
  • Mahogany
  • White
  • Chestnut
"Loved It" display case with medals.
“Loved It” display case with medals.

Combined with the four case colors, the InView Designs Medal Display Case offers seven interior panel color choices:

  • Wood
  • Copper Canyon (felt)
  • Navy Blue (felt)
  • Ruby (felt)
  • Smoke (felt)
  • Fuschia (felt)
  • Orchid (felt)

The various size, case-color, and panel-color combinations can be viewed on the InView Designs Store Website.

InView Designs has graciously provided RunInfinity an “Addicted” Case so that we can share our impressions with our readers. Continue reading to learn more about the initial impressions, build quality, assembly/set up, and overall thoughts on the “Addicted” Medal Display Case by InView Designs.

Initial Impressions of the Medal Display Case

When Tad from InView Designs first reached out to me to review his Premium Medal Display case, I was immediately interested. Over the past few years, my interest in half-marathons and marathons has grown sharply and I am steadily accumulating a large collection of medals. I am very proud of my accomplishments in running, but the medals have previously been accumulating dust. I quickly responded Tad’s email affirming my interest in reviewing his product and he promptly sent an “Addicted” Medal Display case my way.

When the product arrived, I was very pleased by the quality of the packaging. The Medal Display case shipped fully assembled (except for race medals of course!). The Medal Display case shipped in a cardboard box and was carefully protected by foam supports around the corners and bubble wrap to fill the remaining spaces. The plexiglass window was adequately protected and supported to prevent damage during shipping. The box was appropriately labeled with several “This Side Up” and “Fragile” labels to communicate handling needs during transportation.

Even before adding my medals and mounting on the wall, the “Addicted” Medal Display case from InView designs screamed “Premium, Hand Crafted, Made In America” and made me very proud to display my running accomplishments.

Initial Impressions: 5/5

Build Quality of InView Designs Premium Medal Display Case

After my initial impressions of the InView Designs Medal Display case, I took a closer look to examine the details, design, and build quality of the product. After weeks of examination, I do not have a single complaint about design and build quality. Tad from InView Designs made the conscious decision to source and manufacture these Medal Display Cases in the United States to ensure the highest level of quality possible and it certainly shows.

Build Quality and Design: 5/5

Addicted Medal Display case with medals.
Addicted Medal Display case with medals.

Assembly and Set Up of the Medal Display Case

Assembly and Set Up of the “Addicted” Medal Display case were extremely straight forward. The thoughtful design and comprehensive “How to Display Your Medals” video made the set up process very easy and painless. All Medal Display cases from InView designs include one or multiple wood panels that can be slid out of the case for easy mounting of race medals. To display the race medals, simply align the medals where you want it displayed on the wood panel, loop the medal’s ribbon over the wood panel, and secure the ribbon on the back of the panel onto the tackboard strip using a thumb tack.

When I first pulled the InView Designs Medal Display Case out of the shipping box, I immediately quesitoned how I would be able to mount the display case on my wall due to its size. InView designs has creatively solved this problem by including a pair of monkey hooks. The monkey hooks make mounting the display case extremely easy. For a detailed description of installation of the monkey hooks, see the video embedded below.

Overall, the Assembly and Set Up process for the InView Designs Medal Display case are extremely easy, but I have two minor complaints that should not impact your decision to purchase this product, but are important to know when you purchase an InView Designs Medal Display case:

  • Proper Display of Medals in the case requires thumb tacks. The case does not ship with thumbtacks, but these can easily be purchased at most grocery or office supply stores around the world or can be found on *Amazon*.
  • The Assembly and Set Up of the InView Designs Medal Display case is extremely easy when you follow the directions in the installation video, but the case and associated packaging makes not reference to this video and does not include any sort of installation instructions. This is potentially problematic if this Medal Display case is given as a gift, but proper communication and knowledge of the video will negate this problem.

Assembly and Set Up: 4/5

Overall Thought on InView Designs’s Medal Display Case

I have had the InView Designs Medal Display Case set up in my home for a few weeks now and I am extremely happy with the product. Visitors to my home regularly comment positively about the display case and the piece has sparked many length interactive conversations about the role of running in my life.

The Line of InView Designs Medal Display Case is a must-have product for any runner who takes pride in their achievements and growth in their running career. To purchase, visit the InView Designs web store.

Overall Rating: 5/5

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