Runalyzer – The Perfect Heart Rate Monitor For Your iPhone

The Runalyzer, Heart Rate Monitor For iPhone

Whether you are a practicing athlete or a beginner, tracking of performance is a must. Runware, a French company has launched Runalyzer key that connects to the iPhone or iTouch and all the sports settings scrolls in front of us. Heart rate, cardio zones, vocal coach, speed, R-R intervals, route, calories and body fat loss, chronometer, personalized training programs, altitude. It measure the impact of the training and monitor the progress.

Runalyzer is a Heart Rate meter, approved by Apple, which connect to the iPhone or iPod Touch, iPad and is compatible with almost all analog chest straps coded or uncoded. Some digital chest straps such as Garmin, Polar WIND, and all Bluetooth, ANT, ANT+, WiFi will not connect to the Runalyzer key. Right at the center of the system is the monitor which displays heart rate information from the connected sensor, which receives information from the Runalyzer Chest Strap.

The Runalyzer Fabric Chest Strap

Runalyzer key is compatible with almost all analog chest straps coded or uncoded. Analog chest straps are usually used with sport watches and other gym equipments that are heart rate monitor ready. The manufacturer says it is compatible with all cardiovascular analog monitors. If you already own such a chest strap, then the Runalyzer key should be fully compatible. No need to buy another one!. An ergonomic, breathable and hypoallergenic chest strap with a patented easy fastener system and electrodes engineered directly into fabric strap. The fabric chest strap available with the Runalyzer  Key is the perfect match. After use the strap can be hand washed with mild soap after removing the transmitter. 

The Runalyzer Sports Armband

Its very important for runners to secure their iPhone or iPod touch while running, walking or biking with the Runalyzer armbandThis ultra-comfortable sports armband gives full protection and secure fit device with a zipper, while allowing easy touch navigation. All connectors are accessible and the constraint on your arm is minimal. The armband is Lightweight and made up of breathable stretch material which can be hand washed like Chest Strap.

Runalyzer Apps – Runware offers free software library (API)

If you want to make your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch App compatible with the Runalyzer, an API is available. Runalyzer works with most applications available on the App store. Runware offers free software library (API) to all third-party application developers who want to integrate information from the Runalyzer.

The Runalyzer works with many sport, healthcare and fitness applications available from the Apple AppStore including 321Run. You just need to downloads an application of type 321 Run and the work is done. Demonstration, applications and documentation are included on the website. 


The Runalyzer key is the smart link to connect your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to your heart. Choose a compatible iPhone App, wear your favorite chest strap, plug the Runalyzer key and start measuring your workout. It is ideal for people who are preparing for a race, and who want to improve in their performance. Of course it works for cycling, walking, running, Nordic walking, bodybuilding, etc. For people using Runalyzer through jogging, it is recommend using a cuff to avoid to keep the iPhone in their hands during the session. Before beginning a regular training program and using the Runalyzer, it is recommended to consult the physician to minimize possible risks. Especially if someone have symptoms of any disease, if someone is pregnant, if you use a pacemaker or any other implanted electronic device, or if you have a history of breathing problems.

The suggested price as shown on the Runalyzer website of the Runalyzer key is $69.00 USD, the Chest Strap is  $39.00 USD and the Sport Armband is $29.00 USD.

For more information about this product, visit the Runalyzer website.


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