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ON, a Swiss-based running shoe company brings you new range of running shoes with On CloudTec™ technology, the patented sensation of running like on clouds. On has won the 2010 IPSO Brand New Award.

On CloudTec™ Technology

The wish for a pain-free and effortless running experience marked the beginning of the On CloudTec™ technology: a Swiss engineer and running pioneer wanted to desidn a running shoe, which would help a runner to land as softly as on sand and to push off as effectively as on concrete. The result was a surprisingly simple, yet highly functional cushioning element: A piece of circular rubber, which absorbs both the vertical and the horizontal impact.

How Does It Work?

As the foot of the runner hits the ground, the CloudTec™ element folds back, and allows the foot to glide to a softer halt. After landing, the element locks together and is fully firm for the push-off.

Conventional running shoes with excessive vertical cushioning cause damage to our joints and muscles. But the innovative shock absorption system of On helps strengthen our muscles. On CloudTec™ was granted worldwide patents due to its high level of innovation.

The On Collection

The Cloudsurfer 

The Cloudsurfer useful for both training sessions and competitions since it provides a light impact and a quick push. The purpose of its design is to unleash the runner’s speed. It is light and agile. It is equipped with On’s patented CloudTec™ elements which help in balancing each step and stimulating your muscles. The women’s Cloudsurfer model gives the right fit for the female foot and adapts to a lighter impact.

The Cloudrunner 

The Cloudrunner shoes are suitable for intensive endurance runs or longer training sessions since its CloudTec™ system absorbs both vertical and horizontal impacts. It absorbs stress, transforms the heavy impact into a light and natural run. UK Magazine Running Fitness tested the On Cloudsurfer and labeled it a “hot product”.

The Cloudracer 

This is an ultra-light new model introduced for competitive runners. There are 18 CloudTec™ elements in its active sole. The runner can get extremely efficient running movement as it provides unique combination of light impact and explosive push-off. If you are aiming for new personal bests, the Cloudracer is for you! It will be available at the end of April. The durability of the Cloudracer has been engineered to last for up to three marathons.

The Cloudster 

It is the starter model of the On collection of shoes. Its innovative active sole gives you the feeling of “running on clouds”. It is available in classic colours.


The CloudTec technology of On shoes provides a higher stability, not only in the legs, but in the whole body. These shoes improve your running, style and efficiency. They are well cushioned, light, comfortable and fast. So you are sure to get a completely new running sensation. Runners can train longer and also run faster and longer without pain.

Due to 3D flexibility of the 13 On CloudTec™ elements, this shoe regulates muscle tone, improves posture, and activates the metabolism. This strengthens the muscles whilst toning and slimming the upper thighs and buttocks. The runners feel less pain in joints, ligaments and muscles.

Materials Used

The outside of the upper shoe is made up of 3D mesh, perforated polyurethane (PU) nubuck, reflector material, nylon fabric and PU reinforcements; the inside features memo Foam and liner mesh.

The shoe comes in black, white, and gray, with the CloudTec sole highlighted in neon green, bright red and white. The laces are available in all six colors.

2012 On Running Collection

The 2012 On Running collection includes the all new ultra light Cloudracer; the all new Cloudster; plus the redesigned Cloudsurfer and Cloudrunner. By integrating an “active sole,” the On shoe prepares the running muscles for landing and lets the runner glide smoothly into the step. For the push-off the sole changes again, providing the hardness needed to move away with explosive force.


Cloudsurfer – SRP: $139
Cloudrunner – SRP: $159
Cloudracer – will be available by April end. SRP: $139
Cloudster –  SRP: $119

You can buy On running shoes by locating a dealer in your city.

For more information about On running shoes, visit www.on-running.com.

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