[With Video] Nike Women’s Event Series 2016 Major Announcement

Nike just made headlines by announcing the return of its increasingly popular Nike Women’s Event Series. The series targets female runners from around the world and will give more than 200,000 women the opportunity to run in some of the best-organized running events on the planet. In 2016, the event series will be known as the 2016 Nikewomen Victory Tour.

The Schedule

The new Nikewomen Victory Tour will kickoff together with the N+ TC Tour. The tour will dash off to a start on March 13th and concludes in the fall. Notably, the Nike Women’s Half Marathon SF is the race that started it all for Nike Running Events 12 years ago.

The Format

The Nike Women’s Race Series will follow a format very similar to events in the past. You can expect the same great level of fun, celebration, and camaraderie from the events. The events will cater to women of all ages and all running abilities by offering race distances including 5k, half-marathon, and marathon. While the races will all be very similar and nature, you will be able to expect something unique to each race including great course routes, runner services, music, access to elite athletes, and local cultural connections.

The Locations

The 2016 tour features a variety of exciting locations:

  • Athens
  • Atlanta
  • Barcelona
  • Bejing
  • Buenos Aires
  • Guangzhou
  • Hong Kong
  • Istanbul
  • Jakarta
  • Los Angeles
  • London
  • Manilla
  • Mexico
  • Nagoya
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Seoul
  • Shanghai
  • Sidney
  • Taipei
  • Tokyo

As previously reported, one popular race locations has been left off the list: San Francisco.

Registration for the events opens on January 29, so follow stay check back regularly at Run Infinity to find out how you can register!

Let’s Hear from You!

Have you run a Nike Women’s Event series race in the past? What did you like about it? Do you plan on running in some of the events this year? Let us know in the comments!



3 thoughts on “[With Video] Nike Women’s Event Series 2016 Major Announcement


Wow this is really happening. my daughters dream s gonna come true with this event. she will greatly enthusiastic if she hears this. really a great info , thanks a lot… Wishing all luck for all participants..
thank you


I haven’t run one of these events before, but I’m really interested in doing so. Maybe this year will be the year I decide to make a change and give it a go!


This is such great news! I first came to RunInfinity via your race listing for a Nike Women’s series event. I am so glad to see they have renewed this series for 2016. I plan to run in Los Angeles if my schedule allows it. I have had a really great experience running the Nike Women’s series events. I have been running them for 5 years now.

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