What to Expect in 2016

If you are a frequent reader of RunInfinity.com, you know that 2015 has been a really great year for us. We’ve kept readers informed about upcoming races, past race results, running news, and running equipment reviews. Our readership has continuous grown. We are very thankful for everyone who comes to visit on a weekly basis.

Looking ahead to 2016, we have some very excited developments in store. Here is a quick rundown of what you can expect from RunInfinity in 2016:

Guest Posting

We’ve gotten plenty of feedback from readers in comments and via email that you LOVE the content we produce. In 2016, you can expect the same great content and MORE. In 2016, we plan to increase the number of guest posts you see on RunInfinity. This will have two key benefits:

  • Promoting other running blogs to our readers. We know you love RunInfinity, but as a dedicated runner, you welcome all the information about running that could possibly come your way. We hope that including guest posts in our regular articles will help educate you about the other blogs that are floating around on the internet.
  • Bringing more variety to RunInfinity. As a reader, guest posts published on RunInfinity will be a great way to mixup your experience as a reader. This will enable you to see the full spectrum of developments, ideas, philosophies and experiences in the world of running.

If you are reading this and interested in being considered for a guest post on RunInfinity, please contact us.

The RunInfinity Mailing List

This one is probably the item that we get the most in comments and via email: runners and readers are looking for ways to stay informed about popular upcoming races and newly published content to RunInfinity. Our mailing list will be launching soon and will help keep you informed about everything that is going on here at RunInfinity. Additionally, the RunInfinity mailing list will have some great features:

  • Exclusive content for mailing lists subscribers
  • Exclusive discounts for running products from RunInfinity equipment and accessory partners
  • Runner profile eligibility: as a subscriber, you will have the chance to be featured on the front page of RunInfinity.

We hope these features will entice you to join our (FREE!) mailing list.

Recurring Posts

During 2016 we will start to implement recurring posts. These will be weekly features that you can look forward to week-in and week-out. This will be especially rewarding for our frequent visitors as it will keep your coming back for more and will continually develop your knowledge and abilities as a runner on a weekly basis. Some of these recurring posts will also be interactive, so it will enable the community here at RunInfinity to contribute their thoughts and ideas to the rest of the RunInfinity community.

“Series” Posts

Similar to recurring posts, we will introduce series posts which will be longer form content spread over several days or weeks. This content format will deliver tons of information over a short span of time to really boost your knowledge and abilities as a runner. During 2016 RunInfinity aims to produce at least one “series” posts per quarter.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are among some of the most popular content we produce here at RunInfinity. During 2016 we hope to kick the product reviews up a notch and create at least one product review per month. Best of all, with additional product reviews comes more product give aways, so this is definitely an item our frequent visitors will love.

In Closing…

Once again, thank you to all of our loyal readers. We have really enjoyed hearing from you throughout the year and are excited to take this website to new levels in 2016!


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