The Most Magical Race Weekend on Earth

Imagine a weekend of runs where every mile is filled with Disney fun at the 2016 Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend presented by CIGNA on January 7-10, 2016. A weekend of races that are magical as they are memorable, from Disney’s Health & Fitness Expo to running through all four Theme Parks in the Marathon and all-new Marathon Relay. Complete with medals of Mickey Mouse and his friends, you’d be, well, goofy to miss it!

You read that right. Today marks the start of the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. Run Infinity will be providing coverage of every race this weekend by providing you access to race winners, results, photos, videos, and more.

Weekend events will include:

Be a Little Goofy…

Many people know the Walt Disney Marathon Weekend for its unique challenge: the Goofy Challenge. Participants in the Goofy Challenge will run a half marathon and full marathon on consecutive days. But for those extreme runners who find running over 39 miles across two days to be know big deal, the Walt Disney Marathon Weekend offers and even bigger challenge…


The Dopey Challenge, named for how its participants feel when they wake up Monday mornings is a grueling challenge spread across four days and all major theme parks at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. Participants in the Dopey Challenge run a 5, 10k, half-marathon, and full marathon on 4 consecutive days. Thats right: over 48 magical miles through the most magical place on earth. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

If all of this runnings sounds like too much work, the Walt Disney Marathon offers great options for spectators too.

Information For Spectators

As a spectator, you play a huge part in supporting your runner by cheering them on and motivating them throughout their training. Below is a guide to help you watch your runner during their magical race at the Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend.

The Online Planning Tool is designed for spectators to plan their route along the race course so they can see their runner at key milestones. The ChEAR Squad offers several spectator packages from reserved viewing areas to VIP treatment in the Race Retreat.

Make sure you read the helpful tips on arriving to the race and parking on race day as well as the additional information about viewing your runner in the Walt Disney World® Theme Parks.

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Hit the ground running on the final race of the weekend and experience the most magical 26.2 miles on earth. Don’t miss the Walt Disney World Marathon presented by Cigna!

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