The Apple Watch Just Took a Major Hit

At CES on January 6, Fitbit made a major announcement that will likely take a sizable chunk out of the Apple Watch’s market share. Fitbit announced the newest product in its ever-growing product line: the Fitbit Blaze.

A Featured Packed Device…

The newest product in Fitbit’s line of fitness enhances the fitness experience with

  • On-screen workouts
  • Connected GPS
  • Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Multi-sport activity tracking
  • Exercise recognition
  • Integration with Android, Windows, and iOS devices

To many people, the announcement at CES was a surprise as Fitbit’s top-the-line model, the Fitbit Surge, has only been on the market for two years and is currently selling at $250. Their feature packed device has shown significant advances and improvements in its predecessor in only a short time period.

For An Unbeatable Price….

The newly announced feature packed device by Fitbit is also coming at a great price….


Thats right. At that price point, the new Fitbit Blaze is $50 cheaper than its predecessor, the Fitbit Surge and $150 cheaper than the bottom of the line Apple Watch model.

Backed by the Largest Fitness Network

On Christmas Day of 2015, the Fitbit app jumped 20 spots in the Apple App Store Ranking to first place. This shows the breadth and depth of the reach the Fitbit brand has. Every day millions of people use Fitbit products to take their personal fitness to the next level.

A Clear Winner

With continuous innovation, great product pricing, and a strong user base, Fitbit is setting the stage to dominate Apple in the wearable market in 2016 and beyond.

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