Nike Women’s Half Marathon SF 2016: CANCELLED

The Nike Women’s Half Marathon: San Francisco has been cancelled for 2016. This announcement comes to us from Runners World is and is a huge suprise to the thousands of fans of the great race and runners everywhere. After 12 very successful years of hosting the event in San Francisco, Nike has (seemingly abruptly) ended its race presence in the Bay Area. In a recent statement to Runners World, a Nike offical said, “Although the Nike Women’s Event Series races will not take place in San Francisco in 2016, we’re committed to continuing to create the most innovative, motivating, and exciting running and training events and look forward to announcing new destinations and experiences for the 2016 series early next year.”

This news comes as an especially big surprise to Run Infinity. The Nike Women’s Half Marathon is regularly the most visited page on our Comprehensive International Running Calendar. Though the event has regularly been held each year in the fall, Run Infinity regularly sees the Nike Women’s Half Marathon ranking in the top 10 and putting up serious competition against other world famous races like the marathons of London, Boston, Chicago, and Berlin.

The Nike Women’s Half Marathon has been known for its extreme friendliness to runners, especially beginners. San Francisco has a beautiful running climate and the staff of the event are very helpful.

For those who will miss the annual trip to San Francisco to run the Nike Women’s Marathon, you are in luck! You can tell from the quote above from the Nike representative that Nike is still committed putting on great races around the world. To find other great races presented by Nike, head over the the Run Infinity Race Calendar here.

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