The Dress Shoe Made for Runners

Do you dream of dress shoes as comfortable as your sport shoes?

Dress shoes made for runners

When you are a runner, you know first hand what it takes to be considered a comfortable shoe. Especially if you appreciate high cushioning, all thanks to tick soft soles. These types of soles have an impact, which mimics walking on a cloud, as they are lightweight.

Running shoes are so comfy that we love to wear them all day. Of course, this is if and when our work allows us to. But what about workers who have to wear uniforms and suits? They are stuck with wearing uncomfortable dress shoes.

Maratown™ has just launched the worlds most comfortable dress shoes, on Kickstarter (

“I love running, and I was dreaming of a dress shoe as comfortable as my running shoes,” said Maratown founder, Fabien Rosier. “That is why we have designed shoes that offer a dressy style, and the running shoe comfort.”

Maratown™ has successfully merged these two key features, which has resulted in the world’s best absorption and rebound found in any dress shoes.

How many of you are wearing your sport shoes while traveling to and from work, and then switching over to your dress shoes once you arrive? How many times have you chosen to travel by a taxi or metro because of your shoes?

Maratown has launched a shoe line that will keep you moving in the city, as well as looking gorgeous. No more excuses, it is time to move on!

“We spent months working, testing and designing in the laboratory with shoe experts. This resulted in finding the best components. Go on and test the durability,” added Rosier.

Maratown features a running shoe sole that is camouflaged in a fashionable dress shoe. The sole is twice as soft as existing dress shoes, and thicker, which allows for more cushioning. The bottom of the shoe contains a Vibram® outsole, which is added for high wear durability. The sole is assembled to a soft leather upper, which helps you avoid pain during flexion. The Maratown dress shoe line also features a padded collar to avoid irritation, and a removable insole. As a whole, the shoes are very lightweight, and combine classiness with comfort. These shoes are made in Portugal (western Europe), which offers high quality.

Great for businessmen on the go.

If you are a runner, but work in dressy uniform, Maratown™ is the most comfortable dress shoes for standing or walking all day. The Maratown dress shoes are ideal for waiters, teachers, nurses, shopkeepers, or business travelers. There are 9 styles available, which includes pumps and boots for women, Derby and dress boots for men.

This summer in Manhattan, New-Yorkers tested the shoes during lunch breaks. The overwhelming consensus was: they were impressed and surprised that high fashion stylish shoes could paired with such comfort.

“They are very light, very comfortable, very serviceable; the inner soles are very soft with lots of cushion, and I think for anyone who’s on their feet all day, they are ideal,” said one New York City tester.

Maratown offers styles for both men and women.

Early bird prices for Maratown shoes start at $99, a 50% savings, on Kickstarter ( The campaign just started, and will run until November 30th, 2015.

Kickstarter Campaign Status

So far in its short time on Kickstarter, Maratown has made great progress by raising over $8,000 towards its goal of $20,000. When Maratown gets fully funded and officially launches their unique dress shoes, RunInfinity aims to be one of the first running product review sources to let consumers get an indepth look at the shoes.

What are your thoughts?

Over the next few days, the guys working hard at getting Maratown out to the public will be monitoring RunInfinity to hear from you! What do you think of the product? Is it something you would buy? Have you supported the Kickstarter campaign? Let them know in the comments below!

About Maratown

Maratown’s aim is to help people all around the world to keep moving on. This is obtainable by developing new styles and new shoe products, as well as keeping the focus on being the world’s best cushioned dress shoes.

2 thoughts on “The Dress Shoe Made for Runners


Wow, Maratown sounds a lot like a product I have been looking for. I do a lot of traveling and would like to see a hybrid product: something comfortable and sturdy enough to function as a running shoe, but also “classy” enough to wear to business meetings while traveling. Do you know if Maratown fits this mold?


I’ve thought this exact thing before. I don’t specifically know the answer to this question, but I will reach out to the founder and see if this product has been “race tested”.

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