LED Reflective Belt For Runners From Illumiseen

LEDRef_Belt_1Are you a lover of outdoor activities? If yes, LED Reflective Belt launched by Illumiseen is a must have safety tool for you. Designed to keep you safe and visible from all angles, this illuminating belt is your safety tool of choice. This USB Rechargeable belt is the perfect companion in darkness. Thanks to the 3M Scotchlite™ reflective material and custom-designed fiber optics it reflects oncoming light and gives off a powerful beacon in the dark.


  • Colors: Neon Green, Red & Blue
  • Shipping Weight: 4.5 ounces, Width: 2″ wide
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Fully Adjustable Elastic Straps, Comfortable and Lightweight
  • Change the Light between “Flash” and “Glow” with just 1 Click



  • Ultimate Visibility and Safety from All Angles
  • Optimal Awareness, even when it’s Completely Dark Outside LEDRef_Belt_5
  • Peace of Mind – Know that You are Seen and Safe
  • Fits Women, Men & Kids
  • Endless Applications

What Is Special About LED Reflective Belt?

  • Safer Than Any Reflective Vest
  • Easy-to-use Clips to put on
  • Reflects Oncoming Light and Gives off a Powerful Beacon in the Dark to Make Sure Cars Can’t Miss You
  • Illumiseen LED Belt Doesn’t Need an External Light Source: it works all the time
  • Be Seen from a Full Mile Away – That’s A Lot Further than the Competition
  • Up to 40% More Reflective Material than Standard Vests
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Who Is This Product For?

It can be worn during (Dog)Walking, Running, Hiking, Cycling, Horseback Riding and Motorcycling. It’s also Perfect for Child Safety, Roadside Safety, Construction, Law Enforcement, Military and Airport Personnel.


Availability & Price

Illumiseen LED Belt is priced at $49.99. It can be purchased from amazon.com for $29.99 and you get free shipping on orders over $35. Thus you save $20.00 which is a 40% discount on the product.

There is also a Guarantee for the product. You can use the Illumiseen LED Belt for 1 Full Year. If during that time you don’t love the Highly Reflective 3M Canvass, the Custom-Designed Fiber Optics or you don’t feel it was worth every penny of your investment today, you will be given your full payment back. No Questions Asked.

Final Thoughts

This product aims at making people and their pets more visible and safe in the dark. It is user friendly. One can wear it at the waist, over the shoulder or click it around your backpack. You can get 36 hours use out of a 2 hour charge. So you need not buy new batteries every now and then.

It is durable and it charges pretty quickly. It is adjustable and stretchable. It is a necessity and literally a lifesaver. It is easy to turn on and off and you change the lights to flashing or steady easily. Anyone who buys it will surely be extremely satisfied.


About Illumiseen

Illumiseen sells innovative LED based products aimed at delivering safety and value to thei rdiscerning clients near and far. They are active on the Amazon marketplace, where every effort is made to exceed expectations one happy customer at a time!

Product Website: http://www.illumiseen.com/ | Facebook | Twitter

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