Pacebands – Silicone Bands That Help You To Stay On Pace

Training yourself for a race? Striving for a personal best? Pacebands from are here to help you. Pacebands are patent-pending silicone bands that runners of all levels can wear on their wrists to make sure they stay on pace during their race. The multicolored bands include a target finish time for each distance (marathon, half marathon, etc.) and individual splits for each distance marker so athletes know what their cumulative time should be when they reach a certain number of miles or kilometers.



  • Colors: Green/Black, Blue/White, Yellow/Black, Orange/Black, Pink/White
  • Races: Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, 5K
  • Easy to use, affordable, and reusable
  • Available in kilometers and miles

Types Of Bands

Marathon pacebands (Sub 3:00 to 6:00), Half Marathon pacebands (1:15 to 3:00), Kilometer Marathon pacebands (2:30 to 6:00, splits are every 2nd and 5th Kilometer as well as the half mark), 10K pacebands (will be available in near future) and 5K pacebands (18:00 to 50:00) are available.


Pacebands are not meant to replace GPS watches – they are meant to be used alongside those devices and/or regular running watches.

Price And Availability

The cost of the band is $8.99. Pacebands are shipped globally. For U.S. orders the shipping is free. To buy a paceband you can place order at

Pacebands Mobile App for iOS can also be downloaded free of cost from the official website. You can also gift a paceband to someone you love through a Gift Certificate. Each certificate is valid for a band in any color, finish time, or distance and includes free domestic shipping.

Final Words

These pace bands are light weight and can be reused. One can use them during the training sessions and races. You can look down at your target PR finish time for inspiration during a race. You can also use bands with different paces for different workouts.

Pacebands are a good alternatives to one-time use temporary tattoos, paper bands, or a good old fashioned magic marker to the arm. Ryan Hall, America’s top marathoner has signed a multi-year endorsement deal with the company, now that’s some good PR to get for your product, and adds substance to the quality of the product.

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