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puma_mobium_eliteThanks to Puma India, I was provided a pair of Puma Mobium Elite running shoes to try out. In this review, I will share what this shoe is all about, anything new which it brings to the runner’s arsenal, and if this could be your next running shoe?

The Puma Mobium Elite worldwide launch happened not too long back in Feb, 2013 (Japan, USA). In Delhi (and probably the rest of the country), the launch happened in April, a couple of months later. With the “Mobium Elite”, Puma brings a technology which they refer to as “Adaptive Running” to the the running frontier.

Adaptive Running

What is adaptive running? Ok, let me tell you what happens when you run. As you run, your foot changes in length, height, and proportion with your every movement and as a result, your foot is trying to adapt to your shoe since the shoe itself has limited flexibility. Every foot is unique, and what this means is, every runner’s foot tries to adapt to a given shoe in different ways depending on the foot structure, and this can be occasionally a cause for running injuries. In fact, even your left and right foot can have significant differences!


So, how is the Puma Mobium Elite different? Well, unlike other shoes where your foot has to adapt to the shoe structure, this shoe adapts to the movement of your foot, in all directions, and results in a movement which feels more comfortable for the runner. That is ‘Adaptive Running’, as Puma defines it for the Mobium Elite. Mobium Elite represents the premier model within PUMA’s new Adaptive Running collection.

The Technology

Its three key innovations – the Windlass Chassis, Mobium Band and Expansion Pods – work together to move your foot through the gait cycle and encourage a natural, midfoot strike that makes you a more efficient runner.

  • The Windlass Chassis is a sculpted arch that unites the upper and outsole, changing in length, height and proportion to your foot’s natural movement for a truly adaptive stride.
  • The Mobium Band runs in a figure of eight through the outsole. It’s inspired by your foot’s tendons: the more force applied through running, the more spring it returns.
  • Expansion Pods on the outsole mirror your foot’s own bones and pads. They expand and contract like a cat’s paws to deliver cushioning, protection.

Personal Experience

Ok, so that was essentially the theory on how this shoe helps runners efficiently and more comfortably. Lets throw that all out of the window and try to put that into simple words which can capture my experience. I am by no means an advanced runner, or a competitive one, so fine technical analysis may be beyond me. But I do have about 8 years running experience with me, running 27 half marathons, marathons and ultras during this time. How did I find these shoes?

The moment I unpacked them, the bright blue pair really stood out. These look like some which are sure to catch a lot of gazes out there. They come in this Malibu Blue, Jasmine Green and Black colors, and the blue and green ones sure are as flashy as they come. They felt like real quality just holding them, really light, and quite stylish too.

These shoes turned out to be lightweight and comfortable with a decent amount of cushioning. The one thing which struck me the moment I put them on was this pair definitely felt different. With other shoes, you initially have this feeling that this thing is going to take some time settling into with a few runs, but with these Puma’s the comfort factor was right from the start,  a kind of sock-like fit. They felt quite flexible.

One of the advantages which they bring in by their design is speed, you can feel that difference running in them, they have this “spring”-like feel. The Mobium has been designed to encourage heel-strikers to land more on the midfoot, and has superb cushioning at the forefoot and even at the heel. The sole of the shoe is meant to provide traction, support to the heel and shock absorption to provide superior cushioning, flexibility, stability or motion control, and breathability to a midfooted runner.


In essence, the Puma Mobium Elites are light, minimalistic trainers. Looking at the build quality and materials used, I think they will be able to take some significant training mileage. Still early days, but signs are good. The shoe upper is seamless and the tongue is the thinnest I have seen in a running shoe. The shoe feels just so much snug to step into,  wrapping itself around my feet. The laces and lace fitting feels best in class, better than any other shoe I have tried before. People who are concerned that this shoe may not be right for your daily run, it actually is. It should be a good fit for shorter track workouts, middle distance races like 5Ks or 10Ks and long distance training runs, and ideal for midfoot or forefoot strikers.

Puma Mobium Elite is available on Puma India online store.

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