Fiber Optic Athletic Gear & Illuminated Vests From Noxgear

Athletic_Gear_2Whether you’re training for your next race or simply staying in shape, you need to be able to hit the pavement on your time with that sense of comfort and security. If that time is before dawn or after dusk, staying visible to traffic is an important part of your workout.

Today, cyclists, runners, and walkers alike are competing for the attention of drivers distracted by their smart phones, especially at night. Eye-catching illumination is the key to maximizing your visibility. Bright and reflective materials, while important, are only effective when headlights are pointed at you.

As a solution to this problem, Noxgear has created Fiber Optic Athletic Gear – two athletic vests with flexible fiber optics that wrap around your body to keep you lit up in the dark.


Fiber Optic Athletic Gear, the fiber-optic illuminated vests are available in two models.

  • Torch
  • Tracer360


Special Features

Super Bright and Efficient LEDs
The product uses state-of-the-art super bright and extremely efficient LEDs from Cree®.

Super Side Light Emitting Optical Fiber

With the PMMA solid gel plastic core and Teflon clad shield, the fiber is both flexible and extremely durable.  So the optical fiber is used not only to illuminate, but also as an integral structural component for securing the vest to the user.

All Weather, All Temperatures, All Season
Because of their uniquely minimal design, the Tracer360 and Torch wear comfortably with a coat, jacket, or t-shirt.  The adjustment takes seconds and you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

High Quality Sports Materials
The product has the highest quality sweat resistant elastic belt, sports mesh, and edge binding. Everything is Chafe Free, even if it becomes wet.


Fit, Feel and Function

  • easily accessible single quick-clip buckle right in the front
  • easy adjustments
  • everything is controlled by a single button
  • vests stay in place and don’t ride up or down

Ready When You Are
Three (3) AAA batteries are used.  They’re low cost, readily available, and with our single action battery door, can be replaced in seconds.

Long Battery Life
The digital boost converter regulates power to each LED thousands of times a second to maximize efficiency and brightness, which combined with the smarts of our microcontroller leads to seriously long battery life.

Battery Status Indication
The product will blink and change color to indicate how much charge you have left on your batteries.

Product Video

Pricing & Availability

Fiber Optic Athletic Gear is available for pre-order now on Kickstarter. With a target of $18,223 at Kickstarter, the product has already been pledged an amount of $20,023 with 17 days to go (This project will be funded on Friday May 3, 9:49am EDT). Noxgear has implemented stretch goals in their funding campaign that, if met, will expand on the features and options of these illuminated vests.

About Noxgear

Noxgear, LLC is a startup company in Dayton, Ohio that designs, develops and markets innovative illumination products for safety and sports. They have launched their first flagship products, the Torch and Tracer360, on the crowd funding website Kickstarter.

Final Words

These Light Weight, durable and incredibly bright vests are useful for team activities and night runners. You can stay visible even when you are running or cycling at night. Athletes can experience the excitement of night sports with these high-tech illuminated vests. This product brings a totally new perspective to sports and safety and is expected to be a hit with sports enthusiasts venturing out after dark.

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