Runners Armor – Running Sunglasses For Added Protection

Runners everywhere are straining their eyes by denying themselves proper UV protection, mostly due to the feeling that sunglasses can be uncomfortable or awkward during a run. Runners with prescriptions often wear contact lenses and can experience even more discomfort from natural elements. Fortunately, new running sunglasses have advanced comfort designs that offer maximum protection and allow new Free Form Digital prescriptions.

Prescription Running Sunglasses need a lens color that offers adequate protection and contrast. Prescription Oakley Sunglasses feature a wide array of polarized lenses in contrasting colors such as Bronze Iridium, Gold Iridium, VR-28 Black Iridium, VR-28, and G30. These make the path ahead more visible and the sun above less intrusive using maximum glare protection. Kaenon Polarized sunglasses feature the patented SR-91 lenses that come in a similar variety of colors used to fine tune a runners vision and protect the eyes for maximum performance. The lightweight SR-91 Polarized lenses from Kaenon offer top of the line clarity, impact resistance, and glare reduction. Oakley and Kaenon both offer new digital prescription lenses which eliminate the peripheral “fishbowl effect” associated with traditional prescriptions on a sports wrap frame. Digitally surfaced lenses recalculate the prescription at every point on the back of the lens instead of just at the focal center.

ADS Sports Eyewear specializes in eye-wear for the active runner and can answer any questions you have about the new technology of sunglasses. Whether you need prescription running sunglasses or non prescription, the advantages of polarization, visual contrast, durability, and comfort will keep you strides ahead of the competition for miles to come!

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