Jackrabbit Caps – Handmade Caps With An Independent Spirit

Jackrabbit Caps is an American company based in Oceanside, CA, that makes customized caps for running lifestyle with an independent spirit of runnersJackrabbit Caps create running caps for individuals, running team or club. They provide runners with products that reflects their own personal style.

At Jackrabbit Caps, each running cap is individually made in the USA and ensures that each Jackrabbit cap is of the finest quality. Jackrabbit Caps are made up of durable, high quality, comfortable fabrics that are easy to wash. The caps are stylish and works great whether you’re out on a run or out in the sun.

All caps are moisture-wicking and low profile for supreme performance. The detailed sublimation process can create even the most intricate designs and logos.

Perfect Fit Guarantee

Jackrabbit caps offer two sizes to ensure a great fit, as well as running caps specifically for men and women. Jackrabbit caps offer a ‘perfect fit’ guarantee on their caps.

The Perfect Fit Guarantee ensures that each cap is individually handmade with care and comfort in mind. If the customer is not 100% satisfied with the fit, one can send it back and Jackrabbit caps will custom make a new cap according to the exact specifications. So for Perfect Fit, one can call or email them.

Customized And Personalized

Jackrabbit Caps makes a wide variety of running caps that appeal to the independent spirit of the American runner. Jackrabbit Caps can personalize any Jackrabbit Caps with embroidery or create an entirely custom cap. Jackrabbit Caps offers high-quality, hand-made running caps that can be sublimated with logo or custom design.

Jackrabbit Caps offers personalized text embroidery on the side of all its running caps. They offer custom caps for clubs and teams, a commemorative “Finisher Cap” to commemorate the 26.2 and 13.1 races, and their line of “Limited Caps” if runners want to add a little fun to their next run.

Available Varieties

The Jackrabbit caps has a large collection of caps to choose from.

  1. Original Rabbit – Men & Women original Rabbit line is the evergreen line of running cap products from Jackrabbit Caps.
  2. Woolen Rabbit – Men & Women woolen Rabbit line is perfect for early morning, evening and cold weather runners
  3. Finisher Rabbit – Men & Women finisher Cap allows race and event runners to showcase their running achievements. Runners can add their personal event, date and PR to any Finisher Cap.
  4. Limited Rabbit – Men & Women Limited Rabbit line offers all the benefits of the Original Rabbit line but adds distinctive design patterns and features, often seasonal and limited in nature.

Easy To Clean

Jackrabbit Caps are easy to clean as they are made up of moisture-wicking fabric or wool. One can use some mild detergent and hand washed it. It’s very easy to hand wash these caps. Of course, one can simply wash their caps in washing machine also. The caps provide individual runners, running clubs, and events with unique headwear that stands apart in the running headwear category. As they love to say around here, if it’s your style, run with it!

Get Your JackRabbit Cap!

To place an order one can email at info@JackRabbitCaps.com or call at 760-415-0772. The price varies according to the type size and design of the cap. For more information on Jackrabbit Caps, check out their website.

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