Running Your Way To Weight Loss

Avoid workouts, and still lose weight?

Sometimes, putting in hours day after day in the gym, doing weights, doing time on the treadmill, may not be the most desirable way to start with your weight loss target. For one, there is a chance that you may simply get bored and demotivated in keeping up with the schedule. Secondly, the indoor enviroment may not provide the most motivating atmosphere, and within a few days of hitting the gym, you might find it a bit challenging to continue with it. And finally, without sound advice from professional trainers, you may be risking an injury by following a training plan incorrectly.

So, what’s your next best alternative. Ok, let me tell you something. Your best chance of loosing weight would probably involve doing something you love to do any way, but in a more focussed form. There are infact several options and you can decide and choose what activity is going to help you lose weight.

Running Your Way to Weight Loss

If you are an outdoor person and like to spend some of your free time outside the doors, running may just be the right exercise for you to lose weight. You might want to start slow initially, mixing running and walking together to meet your time goals, and gradually increase the running part of your runs, till you are comfortable with running the entire distance.

Start with a Goal!

Sometimes, having a goal helps big time in keeping you focussed. If running is going to be your way to lose weight, why not look at running a popular 5K, 10K, half marathon or even a marathon happening in your town or around. Choosing and deciding on an event will ensure that you stick to a plan which makes sure of your success at whatever distance you decided.

Pick a Training Plan

There are several training plans for runners online, and you will find one which just suits your requirements, in terms of how much time you are willing to commit to it every week, and your target distance. Training plans by running coach Hal Higdon are very popular online, and usually involves running 4-5 days a week, and some elements of cross training as well (like cycling, swimming, etc). Another popular plan from Jeff Galloway advices a unique Run-Walk-Run method which can help you actually reach that finish line faster than with running all the way, and also avoiding injuries.

Run with a Group

You might be one of those folks who prefer running alone, but benefits of running with a group are several. A running group provides more motivation to get up everyday to wake up and do your runs. You look forward to meeting your buddies, runs no longer are boring as interesting conversations keep your mind refreshed. And you will benefit from advice for all your running problems from the group, since someone would have already faced similar problems before and would have good advice for you. So, nothing beats running in a group.

Food For Runners

Weight loss does not mean you stop taking proper nutricious food which keeps you healthy. As a runner, you will be burning a significant number of calories in your daily run, and as you get fitter and fitter, your body will demand to replenish your lost calories with nutrition. It is now up to you to decide what kind of food you want to eat. Going back to fatty food, junk food, will not be helping you losing weight. Instead, focus of getting the right helpings of really nutritious food, like:

  • Almonds – excellent source of vitamin E, which can help lower your cholesterol levels
  • Eggs – which can help meet your daily protein requirements, which help your muscles to recover faster after the runs
  • Sweet potatoes – has antioxidants, and source of Vitamin C, potassium, iron, and several minerals. Helps in keeping your muscles healthy.
  • Whole Grain bread – This is a food for weight-conscious runners, and can help reduce belly fat, low levels of the good cholesterol, and high blood sugar levels.

One thought on “Running Your Way To Weight Loss

Chris K

Great post! I myslef find that eating healthy fats is almost required for fat loss. For a while i was eating mostly protein and low carbs, not even thinking about fats. Big mistake on my part. The week i started eating healthy fats like olive oil and almonds, saw immediate results. Also i completely agree with running with a group! When you’re competing with other people, you can push yourself so much harder than you would have if you were alone.

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