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Learn how to win a race even when you finish last; the ten “destination” runs every runner should experience; what to do with your old running shoes; why listening to the right song may help you run faster; and how to run across the United States without leaving home.Author Chris Cooper brings it all together nicely in this book titled Long May You Run: all. things. running. Featuring can’t-miss races, must-run places, tips, tricks, and words of advice and encouragement from some of the top runners today, including: Brian Sell, Bart Yasso, Colleen De Reuck, Nathan Brannen, Jeff Galloway, Suzy Favor Hamilton, Don Kardong, and many more!

Run Infinity Editor Review

What makes this running book stand out from the rest? For one, this is not a book connected end to end in one thread. Every page is a new story or a new statistic related to running. As I read through the book, I found myself looking back in time and thinking about what I have missed about running over the years. Small things, even insignificant ones when looked at from a distance, but when I read about it, I wanted to do those little things. Like? Like running in the rain, like running under a full moon, like pondering over what starting a running streak would mean to me, like finding out what running movies I have been missing. Knowing about the sort of music runners enjoy on their runs and checking back to see if I had those in my collection.

This is not your typical running book which goes into the detailed look at whatever it is supposed to cover, like a training book for runners, or your typical barefoot running technique book. This book has little bits of knowledge from the running world captured in those 200 plus odd pages. Experienced runners will value it for the diversity it adds to your running knowledge, and making you think about those things once again which you might have just forgotten while focusing on your daily training regimen.

Long May You Run is a one-of-a-kind resource, full of enlighteniing and achievable goals, resolutions, personal anecdotes, training advice, and other must-know information on nearly 200 separate topics. including:

  • The one road race every runner should experience
  • How you can win a race – even when finishing last
  • Where to find a luxury ocean cruise just for runers
  • What to do with your old running shoes and race T-shirts
  • How can you run across United States without leaving home
  • Why listening to the right song may make you run faster
  • How visualization can improve your performance
  • The best race names (such as the “Wascully Wabbit Twail Wun”)

For newcomers to the running world, this book is an encyclopedia of information about running, with fun facts and trivia interspersed with motivating quotes from the running legends, innumerable lists about top places to run, top races to run, crazy race names, running books, music, movies, advice on training gear and nutrition. This is one book jam packed with all this information and more, and without going into too much depth into any of the topics, achieves the right balance for any new or experienced runner to really appreciate the content.

A suggested read for new runners as well as experienced runners alike. You can buy Long May You Run from Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, or order directly from chriscooperonline.com.

About The Author

Running has been Chris Cooper’s passion for over twenty years. Chris competes as a serious amateur in all race distances, having won two city-wide road races and a duathlon in his racing career, along with numerous trophies and awards. Chris is also a Boston Marathon finisher for which he qualified with a sub three-hour marathon. Consequently, his running and writing background have allowed him to render these experiences in an insightful and intelligent way as they pertain to this book.

Chris holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Pennsylvania State University. Upon graduation, Chris became involved in the field of opinion research as a member of his firm’s polling unit. His responsibilities included analyzing and reporting results of the ABC News/Washington Post exit polls during primary and general elections. Since then, Chris has acquired considerable experience writing qualitative and quantitative reports and executive summaries for clients in the pharmaceutical industry as a member of a marketing consulting firm. Among his additional responsibilities are conducting in-depth, personal interviews and group discussions with consumers, patients, and physicians.

Chris is also a freelance Contributing Writer for an informational website, and a member of the respected Brandywine Valley Writers Group in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He also hosts his own Weblog called Writing on the Run, as well as his own Web site chriscooperonline.com.

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