On’s 2012 Collection Offers Redesigned Cloudsurfer and Cloudrunner

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – On, the innovative new running shoe company built on patented Swiss technology, has expanded its product line for 2012 to offer four different models to ensure that all runners can experience the new “supernatural” running sensation.

“It’s like barefoot running, just without the shocks,” says Olivier Bernhard, the 6-time Ironman champion and Co-Founder of On. “We have re-invented the running shoe based on a simple premise: put the fun back into running. You glide smoothly into your step and push-off with explosive force for a fast yet natural run. On activates your muscles and enables you to stabilize your foot strike without artificial support – you are back in control. The On offers runners the same benefits they look for when going natural without the lengthy adjustment period. That’s why many have called them supernatural.”

The 2012 On Running collection includes the all new ultra light Cloudracer; the all new Cloudster; plus the redesigned Cloudsurfer and Cloudrunner.  The On is available at nearly 100 leading U.S. retailers including specialty running stores and select Foot Locker locations.  For a list of retailers, visit www.on-running.com.

Land soft, push-off hard.

The patented CloudTec™ system, comprised of three-dimensional elements or “clouds” made of highly flexible circular pieces of rubber, is at the heart of On’s active sole technology. The radically new design allows the sole to absorb both vertical and horizontal forces. Upon landing, these elements bend back and, with their inbuilt slight instability, they activate the body’s running muscles and its postural control and glide the foot smoothly into its step.

Once on the ground, the “clouds” lock together providing a solid foundation for an explosive push-off. Hence, On invented the first technology that provides cushioning only when absolutely necessary and at the correct moment.  The result: runners feel as if they are landing on sand yet pushing off from a hard running track.

Nature improved.

With their minimal construction, today’s latest running shoes give movement back to the foot and call on the body to maintain an active running posture, resulting in stronger muscles and fewer running-related injuries. Adapting to minimalist shoes does not happen overnight, though. And many a runner may fall by the wayside in the long adjustment process.

On has taken the next smart step.  By integrating an “active sole,” the On shoe can anticipate what human foot evolution has not yet achieved on pavement: It prepares the running muscles for landing and lets the runner glide smoothly into the step. For the push-off the sole changes again, providing the hardness needed to move away with explosive force.

The On sole makes natural running a light and fast experience that trains the body correctly and gives the wearer a fun new running sensation. The activation of the running muscles reduces the risk of injury and shortens recovery times with no adaption time needed. The Swiss technology has earned international innovation awards, and has been patented all over the world.

On Co-Founder Olivier Bernhard

Olivier Bernhard’s spectacular 15-year career was highlighted by six Ironman wins, three duathlon World-Champion titles and posting the third-fastest Hawaii Ironman split ever (2:41). But like many runners, pain in his Achilles tendons forced him into retirement. Right after leaving competitive racing, Bernhard developed a first prototype of On with Swiss engineers and knew his destiny was to develop the shoe and bring true scientific innovation to running.

About On

On AG is a young Swiss sports company based in Zurich. The team of sports scientists and running enthusiasts around world-class athlete Olivier Bernhard (triple world champion and six-times Ironman winner) have set themselves a simple mission: to elevate running to a fun sport.

On has already earned the prestigious ispo Brand New Award for Sports Innovation, and continues to win technology and design prizes all over the globe. The CloudTec™ system has received worldwide patents. 18 months after market launch, On running shoes are available at over 500 running specialists in 18 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America.

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