LumiGram’s Luminous Safety Vest For Runners

LumiGram, a France based company, has designed high tech luminous safety vest for runners based on a luminous fiber optics fabric technology that helps runners and joggers safety while running or walking in the dark.

About LumiGram

LumiGram is the project of Jacqueline (“Lumi”), a French fashion designer. LumiGram’s concept is based on the association of light and technology for style, using the latest luminous technologies for creating and offering stunning fashion, clothing, decoration and luxury articles.

Luminous Safety Vest Features

LumiGram has come up with an innovative and very effective safety vest, made for bikers, runners and joggers. This safety vest combines reflective tape and luminous fabric, ensuring optimal visibility in all circumstances. The vest is primarily used for lighted safety while running or walking in the dark.

The vest is powered by AAA batteries which lights the vest for more than 12 hours. There is a small switch on the battery box which lights the fiber on/off. The batteries can be replaced by rechargeable batteries. The lifespan of LEDs is more than 50 000 hrs.

Luminous Fabric For Safety Of  Runners

The vest is made up of luminous fabric (Fiber Optics Fabric) which is a ultra-thin optical fiber directly woven with synthetic fibers. The optical fibers are processed so as to allow the light to be emitted along the full length of the fibers. These optical fibers are connected to ultra-bright LEDs  which inject light into the fabric The ultra-bright LEDs are embedded at the edge in the borders of the fabric.

Care And Handling

The Fiber Optics Fabric Vest is water resistant and can be washed but shall only be gently hand washed with water up to 50°C and natural soap. Of course the batteries must be removed before washing. Further handling instructions can be found on LumiGram website.

Risk Free

The vest is primarily used for lighted safety while running in the dark. All the wearable items are powered by low voltage batteries (3V or 4.5V), so there is absolutely no risk of electrical shock. Also the Fiber Optics Fabric Vest does not heat up when it is lighted.

Order And Price

LumiGram’s products are available at selected retailers worldwide and on online store. So you can place an order online or can locate an authorized dealer in and around near by your area.

This product is priced at 89.00EUR on the LumiGram website.


Luminous Safety Vest made of luminous fabric is an innovative and very effective safety vest made for runners and joggers. The safety vest is best used in the dark and it can be viewed clearly in the night, ensuring the safety of the runner. A must have addition for runners who like to do their runs in the late hours!

For more information about this product, visit the LumiGram website.

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