12 Minute Run – An iOS App To Determine Your Fitness Level

12 Minute Run is an iOS App that helps you to find out your fitness level in as little as 12 minutes by simply running.

The Man Behind 12 Minute Run

12 Minute Run is brought to you by Jarrod Robinson, who is a PE teacher. Frustrated by the old, lengthy setup required to conduct the fitness test, he has developed this app which is simple and accurate. This app makes it easy to measure your fitness level and means you can do it without a 400m track as there is no need to count laps anymore.

Coopers Test – The Basis For 12 Minute Run

12 Minute Run is based on Coopers Test which was designed by Kenneth cooper in 1968 for US military use. The point of the test is to run as far as possible within 12 minutes. The result is based on the distance the person ran, their age and gender, which can be correlated to determine a VO2 Max. VO2 Max is used to determine the amount of oxygen an individual can transport and utilise during exercise, which reflects the fitness of an individual.

How It Works

To start with you have to enter your age and gender. Next, press the Start Test button and await the countdown. Then start steady running for 12 minutes while the GPS tracks your covered distance. On completion you get a fitness rating based on your age and gender. You also get a predicted VO2 max which is a reflection of the overall fitness and capacity to carry and utilise oxygen.

After getting the results you can login with your RunKeeper account to save your results so that you can track your improvements via the runkeeper portal.


12 Minute Run has completely updated design and icons. The steps to be followed are simple and clear. So you can easily get a gender and age specific result and a predicted VO2 max result.

The app integrates with RunKeeper to allow you to submit the results and track your improvement. The app allows music to be played while running with full background GPS support.

It’s recommended that users run on a flat track to ensure accurate testing. A hilly terrain will affect distance covered and ultimately result in a less than accurate fitness rating.

Size: 4.4 MB, Version: 2.0, Language: English


12 Minute Run is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S. It also installs on iPod Touch and iPad, but its use is limited with no GPS support on those devices. It requires iOS 4.0 or later.


12 Minute Run is priced at a reasonable $0.99. You can find 12 Minute Run on the App Store.


12 Minute Run is an useful app based on Coopers Test for everyone to find out the fitness level easily. It facilitates the classic fitness test using GPS. The process involves very easy steps and results are also accurate. At just 99 cents, it is also very reasonably priced.

For more information about this product, visit the 12 Minute Run website.

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