Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas Half Marathon 2010 Results – Keating/Todd win

A great first edition of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas Half Marathon. It is really surprising to see so much interest and participation in the inaugural event, its actually a wonder how this stayed off the marathon charts for so long. There were an estimated 12,000 runners at the half marathon. Texan Westly Keating won the mens race, his third consecutive half marathon victory. Women’s race was won by Kansas City’s Melissa Todd.

In keeping up with the Rock ‘n’ Roll spirit, there were 13 band stations lined up along the course – one for every mile. Alternative rock band Better Than Ezra performed at the Finish Festival.

In an unfortunate incident, a former Texas Tech first baseman collapsed and died just after crossing the finish line. Mark Austry, a former Red Raider baseball player, played two seasons at Texas Tech and attended the university from 1998 to 2000 after transferring from Coastal Carolina. He was 32.

Results Summary

Half Marathon (Men):

1. Westly Keating 1:03:31
2. Shadrock Songok 1:05:53
3. James Kirwa 1:06:35
4. Brandon Laan 1:07:44
5. Jason McCullough 1:07:45
6. Stephen Ariga 1:09:50
7. Joe Beisner 1:10:40
8. Lewis Elliot 1:10:47
9. David Rodriguez 1:11:55
10. Jonathan Pillow 1:12:17

Half Marathon (Women):

1. Melissa Todd 1:16:46
2. Abbi Antablin 1:17:35
3. Melisa Christain 1:18:21
4. Debbie Arzola 1:21:12
5. Katherine Devlin 1:22:53
6. Susan Walters 1:25:18
7. Ashley Johnson 1:26:23
8. Michelle Densmore 1:27:46
9. Becca Thompson 1:27:47
10. Terri Cassel 1:28:10

Results for all participants are available on the event website results page.

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