Online exercise logs – what’s your poison?

After I got hold of my Garmin Forerunner 305, I tried to check out the best tools to retrieve and analyze all that recorded data. There are tons of websites and standalone tools for creating/importing your exercise logs. Every tool has a few plus and minus points. Some of the tools have great support for some of the popular devices out there for importing training data – like the Garmin or Polar watches, as well as the iPhones.

I am listing some of the popular tools/websites below:

  1. DailyMile
    Nice clean look. Connect with friends and read their updates Facebook style. Nike+ integration, but no Garmin support. Send workout notes to twitter.
  2. RunningAhead
    Nice, simple interface, great integration with Garmin. Weekly/monthly stats, log shoe mileage, etc. Great google map integration for routes. Highly recommended in the running community. Trying it out currently. 
  3. MotionBased
    Garmin integration, has free and paid memberships. Integrates weather data along with other run metrics. Since Garmin acquired MotionBased, they are migrating the technology to a new platform – Garmin Connect. So, will soon be phased out (Garmin uploads stop June 30, 2009).
  4. SportTracks
    Standalone tool – highly recommended by runners. Garmin support. Has interesting plugins for things like elevation correction, etc. Equipment tracking. Yet to try.
  5. MapMyRun
    good with maps, not the greatest with exercise logs. Interface bit cluttered with ads. Has Garmin integration, GPS data import, etc.
  6. Garmin Training Center
    Standalone tool, for Garmin users. Not very impressed using it. Has Mac support too. Seems to be slow as well updating screens. Has to core stuff though, distance, pace, HR, elevation, splits, etc.
  7. Garmin Connect
    Garmin’s website based tool, derived from MotionBased. Interesting features include a ‘Replay Activity’ using which you can play back your run. Has also got ‘goal tracking’ and report generation.

All these tools and websites can be used for recording your exercise data, either directly, or from a supported device, so even if you do not have a Polar or a Garmin, it makes great sense to put the data there. Do you use any of the tools to store your training logs? What’s your favorite, and what makes it stand out? I think we can all learn from our experiences here, do share.

You can check out a bigger list of tools at larry’s blog, maybe your favorite one is hiding there.

8 thoughts on “Online exercise logs – what’s your poison?

Tanvir Kazmi

@N: Hey. no worries on running with 305 in India, its becoming very common in the running community here, same great reception as in US or other parts of the world, its a GPS after all! My plans for Mumbai… are not too different from yours 🙂 Surely a sub 5 on the radar, by how much, too early to call.


Hi Tanvir,
I recently purchased Garmin Forerunner 305 with HR monitor in USA. I have registered for the SCMM Mumbai Marathon 2010 and planning to be back in India by Oct 09. I just wanted to know about the signal reception for the Forerunner 305 in India. I found this article to the good to log my trainings. I plan to finish the Mumbai marathon in 5 hours, what are you plans?

Tanvir Kazmi

@Tanmoy: The real thing which attracts me to a web based tool is the portability and accessibility from anywhere. If I have some thoughts on analyzing my runs anytime, I know I can do that.


I use Garmin Connect and GTC, the first is slow in updating, true, but GTC is a desktop application and quite fast and useful. I've been recording all my stats since December 2008. I too record all data with notes in my personal notebook (in addition to GTC) and find it useful to carry along to places where I can't have my lappy or an internet connection. It takes up a lot of time, but one can do it if one is passionate about it.


I started running long before Internet…I'm old:-). I did my first half marathon in 1981. I always used a notebook to log my runs. I went over to Excel in 2003. I still have my log book in Excel with links, graphs, queries and anything you can think of available. I've transferred 1994 – 2002 to Excel as well. The rest (1981 – 1993)is still written in books.


I started out with RunningAhead and every single run which I did since I started running has been logged in my log. You can create your own custom graphs, Garmin integration, you can enter other workouts.

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